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Gastric Lap Band
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This is a procedure designed to facilitate weight loss by placing a silicone band around the stomach, whose capacity will decrease to a size 25-30 CC. This will quickly feel full and will be easy to lose weight.

¿How does it work or what´s the process to lose weight?

This technique is performed with minimally invasive surgery (Laparoscopic Surgery), the band is placed through 4 or 5 holes of 1cm each in your abdomen, forming a small gastric capacity with a slow output, causing quick and prolongued fullness.Nowadays the Lap Band has become very popular among patients and obesity surgeons due to its minimal invasion, patient recovery is faster, and it´s more aesthetic since it doesn´t require incicions of  25 to 30 cm. in your abdomen, which can get complicated with hernias post-op,and may need a second surgery to fix those hernias.  

Benefits of a Lap Band.
Minimal risk of serious intraoperative complications:

* Reversible technique
* The band can be adjusted by increasing the volume of liquid in it, according to the patient, and weight loss.
* The hospital stay is usually less than 36 hours.

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